Stefan Denaerde: Operation Survival Earth and Universal Creation


“Saving people for eternity”

On the night of Saturday 10 March 1990 to Sunday 11 March 1990, between 0:00 and 01:00 I listened to a radio broadcast of the KRO program Damokles, which never let me go.

The subject was the new book by Stefan Denaerde (his second), pseudonym of Ad Beers, that’s how I learned thirteen years later via the internet. It is also thanks to the internet that I managed to buy both books in 2003: Operation Survival Earth from 1969 and Universal Creation from 1990.


A.C.M. Beers was a successful car importer who appears in the Quote top 100 of richest Dutch people of 1990. (Quote is a Dutch Magazine for the rich and wealthy). Estimated capital: 185 million guilders. He died unexpectedly in 1998.

Is there still very little about Denaerde on the internet in 2003, the references are numerous nine years later, March 2012. Googling to his name produces many hits and even a youtube movie with an interview of over forty years ago. Denaerde claims by then to be 46. That would mean that he turned 75 or 76 in 1998.

Also very special: on 15 November 2011 a reprint of his first book Buitenaarde Beschaving (Operation Survival Earth) suddenly appears, again at the publisher Ankh-Hermes in Deventer (which originated from Kluwer, who took care of the first edition). This book caused a lot of dust at the time. But whether you dismiss it as sheer nonsense, or whether you become fascinated by the possibilities described, it is certain that this 1969 book contains things that have become true more quickly than was thought possible at the time. For example, an obvious description is given of an e-reader. ( see 7th edition, page 97.) We can hardly imagine now such a thing being unimaginable. The extraterrestrials with whom Denaerde came into contact (Iargans) had tablets on which information was stored. Denaerde writes this at a time when the internet was not even in the children’s teens and wireless communication was, one-way, limited to radio and television. A flat square screen on which you could conjure up information was literally science fiction.

Almost all readers of Operation Survival Earth are positive about the book, whether or not they believe Denaerdes’ story. One fellow-student whom I recommended to read it, however, found the depicted world to be very clinical and chilly. It’s the only criticism I’ve ever heard. If one turns ‘efficient’ into ‘sustainable’ everywhere in the book where the word occurs, then it already sounds very different, even contemporary. Of course ‘sustainable’ existed as a concept in 1969, but certainly not yet in the meaning we give it now.

Buitenaardse Beschaving has also been translated as Operation Survival Earth:

To the fast-growing information about Denaerde I can add something myself: the (small hour) radio interview with Denaerde from 1990 (52 Mb). I received the tape from the KRO in 1991. Recently I converted it to Mp3-format.

I have always kept a low profile when it comes to whether I believe in the story of Denaerde, even for myself. I have no doubt about his sincerity. And at least the story is hopeful, you’ll be happy with his message. It also connects to what I do believe: a Creating, Loving God, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. It only tells so much more, much more than we humans need to know. To the core of Denaerdes message you come, in my opinion, also through the Bible. Augustine’s word, which says: “do not understand to get faith, get faith to understand”, may apply.

Aren’t I going to cross a line on this? No, I hope not. Investigate all things and keep the good. Do I open a door to a world we’d better avoid? I don’t believe either, Denaerde indicates that in 1990 there were only five people in the whole world with the gift he possesses.

Denaerde himself does not exclude the possibility that he has been misled by the super-intelligent race that always sought contact with him (but does not take that option seriously for a moment). He seems to have died lonely, declared crazy by many. Years after that his story may rejoice in increasing interest, unfortunately, he was not allowed to experience that anymore.

Anyway, I love to ponder about what I read and heard from him. I also find the series 1968/69 – 1989/90 – 2012/13 fascinating. 1989/90 as a pivotal year. With half of the period between 1990 and 2012 still 2001, just like 1989 a crucial year in the history of the world. 2012 is a much-mentioned year in many apocalyptic predictions.


Radio interview KRO, Damokles (March 11, 1990)

Television interview KRO part 1 (19 August 1969) / WMV format (48 Mb)
Television interview KRO part 2 (19 August 1969) / WMV format (59 Mb)

Newspapers interview De Stem  (8th of april, 1972), hole page
Newspapers interview De Stem (8th of april, 1972), left page
Newspapers interview De Stem (8th of april, 1972), right page (an overview of Cosmic Unified Field Theory)

Theory of God (inactive > waybackmachine) (a site that tries to demonstrate/make plausible the existence of God on the basis of Denaerdes second book)

Powerpoint from Norway This contains references to radio frequencies picked up by Dutch defense systems, which match Denaerdes claims

Translated with (free version)


14 Reacties op “Stefan Denaerde: Operation Survival Earth and Universal Creation

  1. A short reply :

    I am very grateful that Ad Beers published his book Buitenaardse beschaving.
    The question of ‘did it really happen or not’ does not interfere with the enormous value of what he has written as a means of study material.

    In my opinion, the content of his first book should be talked about extensively in every school worldwide to expand the minds of young generations and to make such important subjects more discussable.

    Same goes for Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows Venus Project.

    But present power structures won’t let such happen on it’s own (status quo).
    For them it’s easy same old show with global manipulations.

    It’s up to every single one of us to help speak out without fear of being rediculed. This is the only way to get truth-momentum going.

    Only proper and thus open and honest education needs to take place to create more understanding.

    Also revealing the true human ancient and more recent history free from falls truths would enhance this evolution dramatically.

    One must get aware first before one can come up with proper conclusions to be able to go further on from there.

  2. Right now in these weird days, I see total similarities between the morals that The World Economic Forum is pushing and the minimal requirements that are needed for cosmic intergration as Denaerde described in this book: Efficiency, Justice and Freedom, through a global community.

    It’s eerily connecting with each other, especially now that advisors of The Pentagon are coming out with their claim that they have vessels in possession that were not made on Earth.

    I’ve grown up with this book that has been handed down by my uncle about 20 years ago.

    If Denaerde was telling ‘the truth’ or not didn’t matter to me, the main message has been of great positive influence throughout my life.

    But now I’m starting to wonder if he was actually completely telling the truth and that we are pushing towards being a part of the cosmic collective.

    • I had the same feeling…. The book was even very like..we have now.

      The WEF = the TRUST on iarga
      One global government = same on iarga
      Democratic = Iarga by referendums 75% majoty vote for global issue’s and 50% for local issues

      It was like the book was custom made for to prevent what is going on now….

      What is the thing WHY WE FAIL AND WHY IT WORKS ON IARGA.

      Ready to reveal it…. Its because the warned us about the first and second law of selection

      The development of an intelligent race is governed by two dangerous laws of nature which are in fact cosmic laws of selection. They function as the entrance exam to the highest regions of evolution, cosmic integration.

      But that’s where the error happens.. The translation errors (remember
      The iargians used snippet of radio/TV recordings in English and as stated at one point that for readability for the Dutch readers stefan-denaerde would place the original communication they had in Dutch…. Here is where he didn’t translate as it should have been…

      The error he made is… He translated “rechtvaardigheid” into “justice” wich is not a correct translation from Dutch to English…. And “doelmatigheid” is other then stated in the book NOT the same as EFFICIËNT)

      “Rechtvaardigheid” is not the same as “justice” because in English it’s a basic concept as it means “The law and you” rights” while “rechtvaardigheid” means a more softer form of law as in ” it doesn’t” FEEL Right”.

      Same as “doelmatigheid” it’s not the same as “efficient”

      Example. It’s very efficient to make the same windmill 1000x in one go than to buil them in 1 at the time… But it isn’t “doelmatig(heid) ” it isn’t all that useful as… No wind no power… Storm means they shut them down as they will break if you don’t during a storm = no power….. They are tall visible and killing birds is masive ammounts… So they are not ” doelmatig(heid)”.

      And he did one translation right.. Where the iargians really mean efficiency that in the book was correct (but makes it yet confusing with the doelmatigheid translation…

      So now you know why it’s was hard to read until I found the reason why..

      So how do younow ficmx the errors now you know what the difference is in doelmatigheid and rechtvaardigheid and efficient

      Example now do you understand its real meaning of freedom..

      Freedom is the absence of coercion and since any form of coercion is a discrimination it follows that freedom is the absence of discrimination. One step further: freedom logically arises from rechtvaardigheid (justice) and doelmatigheid (efficiency.) The development of an intelligent race is governed by two dangerous laws of nature which are in fact cosmic laws of selection. They function as the entrance exam to the highest regions of evolution, cosmic integration.

      Can you correctly fix and understand the next piece of the book

      The second law of selection establishes the sense of norms of our interpersonal relationships. It makes “Christian” love a precondition for cosmic integration. – – – >” It is only the selfless behavior that restores the primordial efficiency of the natural order that gives an intelligent race the security of survival down to cosmic integration.” But the main problem is manifested in the degeneracy law derived from the previous one: the race that fails to restore the efficiency of prehistoric reproductive selection will become extinct.<—

      Michel – Civilization instructor

    • You conclusion is almost right..

      Here is why the book is real and try to make clear(and the book reveals a lot more hidden secrets on alien races…)

      Trusts on Iarga works becuase UNSELFISHNESS

      WEF wil not work and it’s clearly stated in the book why….

      Read this quote and WARNING!! FROM THE BOOK.,

      This timeless part of human existence is made up of two kinds of creativity, the material and the immaterial.

      Material creativity is earth-bound. From all the knowledge and science which is recorded in machines, devices, buildings, books, movie’s etc. etc. and which is further transmitted through human contact, it stimulates selfishness, egocentricity and assertiveness. Man then lives on in all misery, all injustice and all lack of freedom that he has created in his life. His ‘spiritual power’ continues to exist with this earth in the living generation in the form of incorrect sense of norms.

      – But do you think there is no real punishment? That goes completely against my sense of justice. How then do you explain the words of Christ when he speaks of the last judgment?

      – When someone wants to drive a nail into the wall and he hits his thumb, it is an unpleasant consequence of his behavior, but difficult to call a punishment because he has not struck well.

      Cosmic law knows no punishment, but it dictates with an iron hand the consequences of human behavior. And those are very severe. Selfishness punishes itself. And how!

      All previous generations live on in you as a direct personality facet. They are part of your own ‘I’. They themselves again share in all the misery in this world as you will in all future misery and again and again. You could speak of a collective reincarnation or the rebirth that Christ has spoken to you about. A world that knows only material creativity is self-destructing.

      In the Gospel of the Last Judgment, Christ describes the possibility of cosmic integration of the human race but also the consequences of improper conduct. Who will be invited with the word: Come, blessed ones, and receive the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world? The invitation is for those of whom he can say: I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, for whatever you did to one of the least of my brethren you did to me.

      What are these conditions in fact? …

      Are you starting to understand something?

      The strange staccato voice of single words formed into sentences by the machine had given way to an original recording of a priest or minister when the biblical text was reproduced. This gave it an extra emphasis. I stared thoughtfully ahead and began to nod slowly as the answer loomed in front of me.

      – I understand what you mean. Without any metaphor, Christ describes the ethics of a high civilization. No hunger and thirst, no poor and rich, no strangers or prison, and the sick are cared for in the best way. How is it possible!

      – But Christ does not mention only the possibility of success. In a world without these high ethics, technological development spirals out of control resulting in chaos and destruction. – – >The time will come when only a handful of aggressive people will be able to craft a weapon that can destroy all of humanity in one blow. Total destruction in nuclear war is, in the most literal sense, the eternal fire of the accursed. For with the last man all mankind dies from the beginning of time. The human capacity for creativity (spiritual power) will then continue to exist around this earth as a timeless immaterial existence, aimless and without prospects. It will never be able to connect to omni-creativity because human evolution has stopped. Man’s epic will then have been written for nothing.

      Somewhere in the cosmos in front of you on the screen a wonderful planet will continue its orbits around its sun, empty and desolate yet there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. A horrifying beacon, a tomb of a damned race that refused to accept the ethics of a high civilization. These are the terrible consequences of improper behavior. You are playing an irresponsible game with eternal death.<—

  3. Days seem only weird when one doubts the creativity of mind(s) (the one and the many).

    What a truly awesome uncle and also credit to you for embracing it !
    Very gratefull to be part of this awareness.

    Why not believe the content of his book but instead believe every single word coming from the WEF and/or advisors of the Pentagon ?

    Question always to be asked : what is the agenda (goal)?… both official (publicly announced and unofficial (behind closed doors)…

    Mostly it still comes down to enlarging and/or maintaining power through various manipulations and so forth.

    Same principle with civilisations that are more advanced are not superior and have no right to force their ideas upon others.

    For me I know that life and conciousness is absolute diverse, abundant and universal with plenty of energies which are open to investigate and utilise.

    I cannot see how we can be seperated from the cosmic collective. We could only take distance but never really seperate.

  4. Hi, Thanks Oerbewoner for your reaction!

    My message might seem like I’m agreeing with the WEF and their alliances, but I’m absolutely very critical about that group. Their ways are very concerning really.

    I’m just trying to look it from another angle and connect a few dots as their propaganda is almost in total line with the content of Denaerde’s description, on what minimal standards a society needs to be integrated by the cosmic alliance;

    Efficiency, Justice and Freedom.

    When you look at the agenda of The Great Reset it seems almost like the WEF and all the organisations that are affiliated with them are putting our people in a chokehold to not discriminate, not be inefficient and only be free, when you comply.

    It almost seems like taking desperate measures to be approved into a cosmic alliance. Obviously, that needs to evolve naturally.

    Also with the UFO trends of Bob Lazar and the Pentagon releases, it seems too coincidental, or maybe I have infobesitas and making too much connections.

    On that note, I also realise that it might be part of the grand scheme. That’s the problem with all media nowadays; there is as much truths as untruths.

    So to be clear, I am totally aware of the nefarious nature of the WEF and others.

    And also I also believe we are all one, the singularity, consciousness. So indeed, we are always part of a cosmic alliance, only not being fully aware of physically.

    Thus we fully agree.

    Thank you for your reply!

    • WEF = selfishness version of the TRUST = unselfishness version

      That’s why they said they where already late as I think they new what was coming, most likely the internet that turns out out to be a huge breeding ground for NARCISSISTIC thus SELFISHNESS…

      I’m pretty sure this what they feared

      There is a lot of things hidden information

      The call for help came from a humanoid species .. And was not the Iargans own action they where asked to do the meeting so Noone would believe(that other human like races where also became socially stable….) what ad beers said in the book.

      Other human? In space and socially stable… Did they visited earth?…

      Not only visited they. Had seeded the earth with life…. And since humanoid where found in our genes it ment also hands off for other space travelers to “seed” their love in creating more omni-creative life.

      They also have a law that hard to get us when a “seeding” becomes at the point right about where we are now… A world on the footsteps of destroying themself….amd more so destroy the planet

      They have the right to “re-seed” the planet with new “seed of life” bad about it is they have to destroy the failed seeds to prevent interfere the new race that at some point will get their version of jezus Christus as giver of the second trait called unselfishness (onzelfzuchtigheid) and it most understand what it meant and choose what will become by teaching and loving care and by being really in freedom to select their partners to raise a child that only knows and wants to be unselfishness

      That’s why they said also very clearly”the god your looking for is in thyself as in unselfishness act you do…… That the gift that’s why selfish people will forever try to find immortality… They look for it in books and churches and the never will find a way to immortality. People like Klaus Schwab from the WEF thinks by becoming Trans-human half human and machine also in the book gets explained… Its not able to connect with omni-creativity you can’t get immortality by materialistic way..

      Yes there are lots hints in the book

  5. Dear Marvin,

    I feel priviliged and gratefull to read your reply.

    There is no need to be harsh on the WEF and others.
    The influence they have at this moment is temporary as are all earthly constructs, now, in the past and the future.

    Certain groups of scientists and economists have arrived (not mentioning in what way) at the presumable status of untouchable high priests of the science and economy religion (with blind followers).

    What was assumed normal in the past looks silly or unthinkable nowadays. Same goes for the many generations coming after us who will look back and wonder how it was even possible that certain things and events could ever exist.

    We are the physical creatures from our time and as always take steps from here to there. We gradually proceed towards better situations, first through imagination or experience then through realisation.

    And this does not mean that the global population must be on the same level. There are always those who are miles ahead and they must never be slowed down and rediculed by the masses.

    Nikola Tesla was looked at by many as a scary nuthead with all his new discoveries where in fact he was one of the greatest contributors of our current way of living.

    In the book these Yargans speak about that they don’t expect from Stefan Denaerde to understand all their concepts (f.e. the intimacy part) and achievements because there is too much mental distance (conditioning) between these differently evolved worlds.

    So on our planet the differences between cultures is much alike, without the need for superiororising the one or the other.
    Much like that the real savages distroy forests instead of living in them.

    Knowledge is not the same as wisdom.

    Some 30 years ago I was 20 years of age I witnessed a close encounter at daylight : 3 huge spheres flew slowly in plane sight till they flew out of sight… that day my entire life got a major impact. As result : questionsbesitas !! 😉

    People laugh or ignore but I got proof of ‘there’s more to life…’

    Many answers came my way but still…

    Not a day goes by not thinking about this.

  6. Ruimte te klein om mijn mededeling op te nemen. Stuur mij uw e-mail .

  7. I’ve read this book now 35 years and a lot

    I know it, I lived like it and it was truly a guide for me and the Iarga way of thinking that has really helped me a lot and even more so the last 3 years….

    Tho… I found something that may come as eye opener, for all the years reading it always left me of some things didn’t really add up, it it didn’t fit logically,.

    And since I read the Dutch version and the English I found the answers why and yes stefan-denaerde (ad beers) made a few errors that broke the logic for some laws that the iargans have but it wasn’t only errors but also forgot that you can’t just translate some Dutch word into English and that made the first errors even harder… they where not mistaken the iargans wanted the book to be read by higher mental level and the human trait.. Now I knew why also 99% of the people I encountered that knew the book and say they read it and liked it but after some questions I found that most if not all didn’t read past the part that told that they had open sexual relationships….
    The woman stopped reading when they read they had open sexual relations and said… Not gonna happen,

    The men that read the book stopped reading after finding that there is no such thing as free for all hookups…. The iargan woman has a high mental and morality toward that then just be a aerobics exercise….

    So Most people didn’t read at least half of the book..but the second half it just the best part of the book…but it’s also the hardest part as it make clear the why they made the book hard to read and only those of interest would “get it”. And then you also learn why the Dutch title is very different then the English version….. Only in the end of the Dutch version you find what it is and why..

    So let me know if you have found the errors that breaks the book logically and if you read all of the book?

    After it I will reveal the errors. And I also made a version of the books, Dutch and English without the just need triple QC.

    • What errors did you encounter? 🙂 Seeing as there’s so many ways to interpret things and how our individual perspectives are always limited…. I wouldn’t know where to start identifying any possible errors myself.

      • christen1969a298e3bc0e

        What they did where they used the incorrect words for

        Justice (in the Dutch book its “rechtvaardigheid” and that is not justice but what really should be “Justification”

        And efficiency is what Stefan in Dutch translation for “doelmatigheid” but that doesn’t mean the same as efficiency as he write in the book… It should have been “effectiveness”…

        It seems like it’s a none issue but if you read the book where you change those 2 words….. You’ll understand…

        When they say they use it to extreem way to everything it’s part of their whole structure they go to sleep and wake up with it…

        Freedom – Justification – effectiveness

        Try it yourself…… A tesla car….. Would they have made it. Justice? Efficiency, or Justification and effectiveness… What would get the right answer if you look at a iargan way of thinking.

  8. Toch verdient n.m.m. zijn boek een degelijk onderzoek in relatei tot de huidige fysica, waar de zwaartekracht, de zwarte gaten en de donkere materie en energie onbegrepen zijn..

    • christen1969a298e3bc0e

      This is in the book…

      -“We will first explain to you what matter is in relation to the cosmic immaterial radiation field, the omni-creativity. Matter is compressed mass (weight) energy, a transformation of the immaterial (weightless) energy from the cosmic radiation field. The transformation takes place under the influence of a tremendous force field that creates the physical laws to which all matter obeys. We call this the carrier field. Compare again with the radio station. The omni-creativity transmits a carrier field that maintains the atoms once formed and creates the mass-inertia laws that organize the universe.-

      (WTH they explain the higgs-boson field in this book from 1969.)

      Yeah some have done so, not sure on the carrier fields but I do know someone made a economic plan that was based off this book..

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